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Is anyone around?

I’m around.

Send me, “Spill!”, and my character will confess to something.
RP for the Mortal Instruments


If you are interested in being a  part of an RP please please please got to this link:

Currently we need a Jace and a Simon the most but there are other minor character roles the have to be filled as well. If you are even remotely interested check this site out:

Oh and reblog…Let your followers know because they may be interested even though you are not!

You know, Lilith and I dated once. Wouldn't that make me your semi-step-father? Come to Pappa, Sebby-dear.

1. You will never be my father, Downworlder. 2. Do. Not. Call. Me. Sebby.


Sebastian’s last name, Verlac, is also compound. Ver means worm or serpent (like a wyrm type thing) and lac means lake. The thing I liked about it was that ver sounds a lot like verre, which means glass. Verrelac however is not a name. But if you just sound it out, it does sound a bit like Glass Lake. Which seemed fitting.

Cassandra Clare

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I am absolutely fan-tucking-fastic. Simply waiting for Alexander, is all. And you? Anything in particular you have to do today?

I have nothing to do today, Warlock.


How do you do on this fine, evening, Nephillim child of the Demons?

I’m doing fine. How are you doing, Warlock, child of the Demons?